Monday, 22 of January of 2018

Abby’s Lyme Health Update: Mepron

The good that Mepron has been doing for Abby has been offset by the discovery, a few days too late, that our local pharmacy mixed her batch with gluten.  This is a common practice to make medicines digest more smoothly, but to a celiac it causes severe pain and digestive distress.  We’d heard that Mepron was a particularly strong and unpleasant drug to take, and she’s dutifully taken it for the last few days, but after several days of ingesting gluten the pain became excruciating and it was too hard to continue.  Fortunately she will be switching to a lighter version of Mepron soon and has been taking doxycycline.

For the past few months, treatment has been almost as deadly as the disease, with bungled and damaged PICC lines, drug shipping errors due to Obamacare’s impact on drug availability, falls and the like, but Abby is still dedicated to fighting her diseases (lyme, bartonella and babesia) every day and eventually returning to normal life.  She sends her gratitude and love to all who have helped spread the word about Life Not Lyme and funded her weekly medication and doctor visits.