Monday, 22 of January of 2018

October 5 Update: Setbacks

A little incompetence goes a long way.

For a while, all was going well.  Abby was regaining mobility, her vision started returning (it still is) and most of all her mind, hampered by a horrible fog in April, has been able to reach out to the world again.

Then, less than two months ago, it happened.

An incompetent visiting nurse tried forcing medication through a line that was clamped shut.  The result was the destruction of Abby’s means of taking treatment and an emergency room visit that put her into cardiac arrest.

The subsequent line was plagued with clotting problems.  At a few points, Abby’s blood flow had diminished so drastically it rendered her into the lowest possible form of consciousness.  Cathflo preparation by a professional was needed where once we only needed saline and heparin.

Eventually the line slipped three inches and Abby received conflicting opinions on whether to keep the line in or replace it.  Attempting treatment, she saw saline water pour out from her heart port.  Doctors removed the few remaining millimeters of line and, in a second surgery, replaced her heart line with one going to her right arm.  This line appears to be working better but we have been advised not to use heparin until a nurse arrives.

In addition to this, we had to take another trip to the emergency room yesterday to address Abby’s rapid heartbeat and breathing.  We discovered that the raspy breathing she has had for the past few days is pneumonia, so she may need to be admitted to a hospital for some time.  The one bit of good news we have is that her current medication may be effective in further treating it at a higher dosage.

As for me, I am driving 100 miles a day on weekdays to reach my job to support Abby.  The charity is currently supporting Abby’s medical needs entirely, but with accelerated treatment costs of approximately $900 a week we will still be needing donations in the near future.  She is also still dedicated to using Life Not Lyme to help others once our ordeal is finally over, so your contribution is as always welcome.  Please share this post if you could; there is still much that can be done to help Abby continue toward her recovery.  Thank you so much for reading, and if you have donated before, for your past generosity.


Abby at the hospital, October 3.

Abby at the hospital, October 3.