Monday, 22 of January of 2018

Lyme Blog Entry for June 29: A Year Together

Abby and I will have been married for a year on July 7.

It’d be poetic license to say that right after our wedding a slow descent in Abby’s physical and mental state began, but even in college several years ago Lyme began impacting her.

Even though it had, she hid it well when she first met me.  She could quote the Bible back and forth, discuss her favorite movies and comics in detail, tell me about her life and what she wanted from it.

Things changed.  Her knees, which were just a little stiff, began aching incessantly.  A mental fog began enveloping her at work.  At one point a seizure wiped her vision while she was driving.

Our wedding was almost scuttled by an attack of mono that brought her to the emergency room.  During our wedding, Abby held up bravely, and endured a long time on her feet at the reception.  By the time we were on the road and on our way to Ashland, she’d fallen asleep to a mix CD.  Setting up shop at the inn took more out of her, and by dinnertime, and for the rest of the honeymoon, we would walk slowly hand in hand.

Things got really bad after Lyme and bartonella spread up her spine and reached her brain.   Frontal lobe accumulation began to narrow her vision.  I began to hear about a hostile presence, a white figure that would accompany her.  Phantom sounds would offset her hearing and bright light forced the lights down.  Nausea became commonplace, and pain beset her.

I would say that in April she reached death’s door.  Confusion, panic and seizures kept slamming the window of her consciousness shut, and pieces broke off each time.  I’ve never had anyone close to me come so close to death, and seeing these three diseases try to seal her life away has been a bleak experience.

But, thanks to a widespread, national community, even, many people have come together to keep her from a financially mandated end until I’ve been able to find work.  Our future financial state is unknown — there’s plenty of catching up to do — but it’s thanks to LifeNotLyme’s supporters that we’ve been able to celebrate our first year together.  You have our gratitude forever.

Abby and Lionel