Monday, 22 of January of 2018

Lyme Blog, June 23: Hiding In Plain Sight

The Abby we know and love is recovering but still beleaguered.

I have to choose between giving out too little information and embarrassing her, so I need to go with the latter.

It’s been rough; there are many times we’ve come close to things getting worse.

The worst thing as a spouse is to see the same person you’ve always loved vanish in a personality change, especially when she still loves you at the same time bartonella is wreaking havoc.  It’s been this way since October, and critical since just after I recovered from my own surgery.

I don’t know where she is sometimes.   Sometimes she surprises me when she comes back so quickly, and drifts back out in a moment.

I’ve been working to support her, but hope you can still donate to support any shortfall that may occur.  I love her with everything I have and don’t want to lose her.  And you can’t over-donate.  We’ve learned of some terrible situations where others are going through the same thing without treatment and want to help them as soon as we can.

Thank you so much.  Please spread the word by sharing this post.