Monday, 22 of January of 2018

Lyme Blog, May 26, 2013: A Peaceful Day For Us

Just some brief good news.  Abby’s meds have been killing off a lot of stuff and her mental focus has been improving over the last few days.  The neurological issues will still be under the surface for quite some time, but I’ve seen improvements in her speech, and the biggest thing has been no seizures in about 24 hours.

Between a heavy barrage of pain meds, even heavier pain and crushing symptoms, there’s been a lot of room for unhappiness and outright misery, but this afternoon was a nice change.  She was resting in bed under sheets and a fluffy white blanket, and she just said, “Lionel?”

“What, darling?”

“It feels like I’m in heaven.  I just feel really, really good right now.” With that she settled down and went to sleep.

That may not seem like much, but when you’re accustomed to waking up at three in the morning to hallucinations of burning limbs, frozen joints and slurred speech, it’s a godsend.


Many thanks go to my in-laws for showing her love with daily care and visits, and to all of you for keeping her in your thoughts.  If you’d like to leave a message for her, feel free to do so here.  She reads all her comments and sends her love and appreciation.