Monday, 22 of January of 2018

Lyme Blog, May 19th: Maximum Detox

It’s a quiet Sunday today. I just got the lawn done out front. There were some wild strawberries tucked in the grass. I want to try my hand at keeping them intact over the weeks so we can have some in our cereal.

Abby is inside resting, but that’s really a euphemism today.

The rocephin has been working pretty well, but it’s rendered her body a soupy junkyard. Abby’s body is at maximum detox and today’s salt water flush is sorely needed.

One of the things we have come to terms with is the divergence of caregiver/patient and spousal roles. Her medical decisions will not be hers to make for some time.  There have been times when she’s wanted to put off all her meds so she can have them around infusion time, which is the most painful time of the day.  I’ve never had to care for someone who was incapable of making decisions some of the time, and it’s made me realize I need to be vigilant in all that I do.

There was a glimmer of happiness for her yesterday, the first in a long time.  Her vision has gotten a tiny bit better, her trouble swallowing seems to have disappeared and at last she’s feeling the mental acuity she used to have.  It’s the first sign of any improvement after six months of a steady and scary decline.

I’m glad she’s back from the brink.  She hurts like crazy, but this time she’s not the one dying.

May 20th update: The toxins keep coming.  Fortunately she’s been able to keep ridding them from her system, and we’re going to be able to split up her treatment into two sessions.



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