Monday, 22 of January of 2018

Lyme Blog, May 18, 2013: Aggressive Treatment

To sum up the past three weeks:

Rocephin packs a wallop.

The minute rocephin went into Abby’s Hickman catheter, it went about its business frying everything bad in its path.

For two weeks we’ve been getting rocephin in as directed, and the results are strong and bleak.  As of last night, we started on a double dose.

Vicodin and valium can only treat the standard kind of pain.  Nerve pain? It doesn’t even scratch the surface.

The stereotype of the isolated caregiver husband doesn’t apply for me.  Abby manages to love me through pain that seems like it could drop anyone else.  How she can be patient with my questions is also beyond me, but questioning this would only make it worse.

She’s confined to bed just about all of the day.  Friends have been able to visit for short stays, but all of her other entertainment is her iPhone, iPad and a short trip down the hallway to see what she can of the sky.  Today she doesn’t feel like a trip to the hall.

It’s tough for her to keep her identity when her favorite memories and activities have departed the scene.  Music seems to be the only real way to keep her in touch, with her vision being cut in half.

I hope to reach some kind of middle ground in these blogs.  For now it’s a fine line between being dull and opening a trap door into the middle of an abyss.  We appreciate you checking back on this site time and again, and hope to get some kind of good news to you soon.  Lyme and its co-infections are nasty and we’ve got a long way to go undoing 20 years of damage.