Monday, 22 of January of 2018

May 15th Lyme Blog: End of First Treatment Phase

Hello all,

This is our first in a series of blog posts to let you know how Abby is progressing during her Lyme treatment.

As much as I hope it were true, I’m not sure “progressing” is that obvious a word choice these past few weeks.  For the most part her days have been marked by bouts of pain from waking to fitful sleep.

After she neared a terrible phase with halting speech, locking joints and encroaching paralysis, she finally had treatment started in early May with a Hickman catheter insertion.  We’ve been able to stop the encroachment of Lyme, bartonella and babesia to a fatal point, but the pain has been overwhelming and fevers have occurred every day.

She has been on a gram of rocephin a day.  The procedure to get that in her system involves a 10-ml saline infusion, 10 ml of solution with 1g rocephin, second saline flush, and heparin to close it all up.

Tomorrow she begins two grams of rocephin a day.  We’re both worried about the effects.  One gram when administered too quickly makes her slip into confusion, pain and fever.  All we can hope for is for a tolerable transition, but it’s going to be rough at least some of the time.

I’ve begun a job that will help cover some of the expenses, but I could work it all year and it still wouldn’t cover what likely won’t be insured to the tune of $8000 a month.  I do hope that won’t be the case, but I’ll have to let you know soon.  After following her contributors and friends for weeks, Abby is now unable to write or keep up with the influx of kind words and encouragement, so now I will need to carry her voice on this site.  I only hope you can bear with my own voice, that of a husband and caregiver.  It gets hard to focus.

I do want to offer a big thank you to all people who have made Abby’s journey a little easier these past few weeks.  I plan to thank the remainder who have donated as soon as I can.  Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.

Lionel Houde