Monday, 19 of February of 2018

Lionel’s Lyme Story: May 2

I’ve known Abby for over a year now. Just last year we were getting ready to get married. There was just a little bit of Lyme around the edges of our lives, at least as far as we could tell. We just thought it was leftover celiac.

Our wedding went perfectly, as did our honeymoon. We experienced the kindness and happiness of family, friends, and community before we left for a splendid romantic retreat in Ashland and the White Mountains. Still, our new life together was marked by the shadow of illness. Abby was and still is incredibly strong, but Lyme, bartonella and babesia have been winning over the last 20 years through stealth and stubbornness.

I’m not saying these next things to bemoan our fate. I am very much in love with my wife and pray tomorrow will pave the way for her eventual health.

But since last May, I have seen horrors dwelling in my wife’s mind and body. Heat-baked, swollen, locked joints. Peeling, bursting skin. Pain like being roasted alive. Seizures. Memory loss. Disorientation. Confusion. Depression. Loss of control. Blackouts. Audial and visual hallucinations. Slurred speech. Fatigue. Near and occasional blindness. Paralysis. Facial palsy. Heart block. Air hunger.

But except for a half hour, it’s the day of Abby’s surgery.

It’s been tough but the time for sorrow is finally over. I never thought this website would, with the help of countless people, raise $10,000 in three weeks. But it has, and that fact has given my wife a new chance at life. Thank you for your part in it.